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3D printing material

  • SLA : Setero Lithography Apparatus System
  • DLP : LED Short Wavelength / 450mm
  • Orthodontic R.P for Study Model
NO model Name Standard 색상 단위
1 JALNAWA.3D JAL-Y Yellow 1kg
2 JALNAWA.3D JAL-W White 1kg
3 JALNAWA.3D JAL-G Gray 1kg
4 JALNAWA.3D JAL-P Pink 1kg
5 JALNAWA.3D JAL-C Clear 1kg


  • Shake the product for at least5 minutes.
  • Put the specified amount into the tank of exclusive equipment for the 3D printer.
  • Using dedicated software for the 3D printer equipment, make sure that it is properly seated and recognized on the device, and then run the 3D printer.
  • After complete the work , post-processing (Cleaning and drying after curing using UV curing machine) follows the dedicated equipment manual.

How to keep and manage after use

  • Separate and discard the removed empty container after use.
  • Use the unused material contained in a dedicated equipment tank in the same condition.
  • If the remaining amount of the container remains, close the shading lid and store it in a dry and shaded area. The maximum temperature should not exceed 35℃. Use all the materials in the tank of the equipment. Do not remove from the tank until exhausted.


  • Please work in a well-ventilated work area.
  • Do not inhale the smell of this product after opening.
  • Forced breathing may stimulate respiratory
  • Do not eat.
  • It can be cause sensitization and dermatitis by skin contact with resin before curing.
  • It can be cause infection if the resin get in to the eye before curing, Must rinse with running clean water.
  • If it is thrown into the water such as river or sea, there is maleficence for water quality and the animals which lives in the water. So must do not throw into the water.

※ If you develop irritation such as hypersensitivity reaction dermatitis, allergic reaction due to continuous inhalation, contact, ingestion, etc., please visit the hospital and receive a prescription from a specialist.

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